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1. Beautiful, spontaneous, smart and outgoing. Fedelyns are awesome people to be around. When around them, you are guaranteed to have a good time and great laugh. They are romantic and enjoy good company. They hate drama and fake people. They hate confrontation, but are guaranteed to kick your ass. To be friends with one just be yourself. Fedelyns don't hold grudges and are very understanding. Great kissers and awesome in bed.

2. Fedelyns always have a good on head on their shoulders. Often spoiled or well taken care of, but don't let their high maintance attitudes fool you because they also work hard for their money and stay having money. That is why they are called Fedee/Feddy for short. They never settle for less and deserve the best.
1.DAMN, Fedelyn is so effin hot!!!
2. Fedelyn is so spoiled!
by Hisprincess February 06, 2010
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