Small pieces of excrement which look similar to the deification produced by a rabbit or deer. These are generally the same size and shape of the common candy called "Reece's Pieces". This word is also pronounced similarly to the way the name of the candy is pronounced. Sometimes turds can consist of feces pieces that are packed together.
"I just took a huge dump and it was all just a bunch of feces pieces"
by the P.L.K. April 19, 2010
Top Definition
The act of shiting into a sock, freezing it, then knocking a person out with it. This is immediately followed by thawing the shit in a microwave cutting it into bite sized pieces, and putting it into the unconious person mouth.
that gook looked at me wrong so I gave him a nice big feces pieces
by E grizzily September 12, 2011
The candy you get out of the vending machines at the mall for a quarter where you turn the crank and a handful of loose candy falls out. Its name is such because the candy comes out covered in invisible fecal particles that were left behind by the hundreds of cretons who handled it previously without washing their hands after dropping a deuce.
Whatever you do, don't eat the feces pieces from those vending machines.
by jonnywords November 18, 2010
Small bite size pieces of shit.
Someone didn't flush the toilet and left a bowl full of feces pieces for everyone to enjoy.
by Dadgad September 29, 2014
When a female is riding a males penis and waits for the opportune moment in which he orgasms, she deficates while still riding his penis up and down. Preferably the female should be facing away from the male when performing this incredibly hard maneuver. It is meant to be a surprise but can be used for enjoyment by both parties. To avoid confusion this term is pronounced like the popular "Reese's Pieces".
I gave my man a full feces pieces last night and he didn't even see it coming!
by S0URCE December 22, 2008
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