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someone who's obsessed with "mooky stinks"!
Kyle!!!, There is no such thing as Mr Hankey, you Fecalfeliac!
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
12 4
1. One who is obsessed with feces.

2. Person who uses feces as an aid for copulation.
And her boyfriend took a giant dump on her chest. Her being a fecalfeliac got very excited.
by Dumpman July 09, 2003
35 18
This word does not exist. The correct word is coprophiliac.
Mozart was a coprophiliac.
by Dick Jaws January 09, 2004
13 9
a stupid word thought up by somebody at the Weekly World News.
It means somebody that has an abnormal appetite or liking for shit
My brother is a fecalfeliac. He eats shit.
by Jason Lonegal February 07, 2005
3 2