someone who's obsessed with "mooky stinks"!
Kyle!!!, There is no such thing as Mr Hankey, you Fecalfeliac!
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
Top Definition
1. One who is obsessed with feces.

2. Person who uses feces as an aid for copulation.
And her boyfriend took a giant dump on her chest. Her being a fecalfeliac got very excited.
by Dumpman July 09, 2003
This word does not exist. The correct word is coprophiliac.
Mozart was a coprophiliac.
by Dick Jaws January 09, 2004
a stupid word thought up by somebody at the Weekly World News.
It means somebody that has an abnormal appetite or liking for shit
My brother is a fecalfeliac. He eats shit.
by Jason Lonegal February 07, 2005
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