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This mystical entity doesn't have a fetish for your teeth, like her more widely known cousin Tooth Fairy, but rather for your brownies.

Here are the four steps of success (and they do not even involve placing anything unhygienic under your pillow!):

1. Enter the most sacred and do your duty on the altar. Do not worry about the size or the quality of your sacrifice, Fecal Fairy is understanding and doesn't discriminate.

2. If you happened to be a cunning one, you may now escape through the doorway you left open to maintain a quick escape route. Close the door afterwards for safety measures.

3. ???? Do whatever you want, live like every day could be your last. It's best not to think about the progress, doing that may jinx it.

4. Collect your part of the trade from the sink after a day or two, 'cause as you know: many sacrificers equals plenty of work. Hence, patience truly is a virtue. There's no shame in wearing a gas mask, real men use protection. The final sum may vary, but average payment is around 4 euros for each solid piece. Switching to Uzi fire- mode is banned by international fecal trade laws.
Pete: Damn Billy and his laxatives. I wish this house had a second toilet so I wouldn't be forced to handle my call of the wilds- moments at the kitchen's sink. Lucky Fecal Fairy, the poop economics must be the only branch of international business that aren't affected by the recession.
by Brother Louie February 17, 2009
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a person who leaves fecal matter behind where it shouldnt be
gramps had a visit from the fecal fairy.
by Tenacious P & Swamp Ass January 08, 2005
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A descriptive noun , used to describe a person of homosexual nature, who enjoys the fecal matter found in his or her lovers anal regions.
Dave , the fecal fairy, can never get enough of the fecal matter that he loves so dearly.
by B. Golden October 23, 2004
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