(v.) When someone shows you up in person or calls you out, almost to the point of embarrassment (i.e., shits on you)

Associated terms:

Fecal-facer: The individual who does the calling out.
Fecal-facee: The individual who just got owned.
Dude, I totally got fecalfaced by Dr. R because of my apparently bad interviewing skills!
by ImagiAntman March 04, 2011
Top Definition
A virus you contract from anal adventures; The result of too many rim jobs.
Julie, after munching a few butts, came down with fecal face.
by mmelebois August 30, 2011
A person with a face covered in doo-doo stinkies. Someone who enjoys the dirty sanchez/Hot Karl.
That girl I met at the bar last night was a REAL fecal face, if you know what I mean.
by Fck yo couch! January 05, 2008

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