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Fecal Alcohol Syndrome is the "scientificated" term for a phenominon usually referred to as the "beer shit."

A Beer Shit is the unique bowel movement one experiences after a night of heavy drinking.

This term is cheeky because it sounds sort of like "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" which is a tragic condition indicative of a pregnant mother's consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.
Hey Jen, Ann...I'd stay out of the bathroom last night. We drank a case of High Life Light and I have the world's worst case of Fecal Alcohol Syndrome.
by Hanalee March 05, 2006
gastrointestinal ailment that arrises from a night of heavy drinking.
Q: Why was Chad late for work?
A: He has Fecal Alcohol Syndrome (he shit his pants on the way to work because he drank way too much last night).
by like a viking November 12, 2011
Simply defining the action of "Beer Shits:" A phenomenon occurring when one drinks far to much of an alcoholic substance and discharges mass quantities of fecal matter.
" Hey friend, whilst celebrating the Holiday Season I indulged in far to much of the Devils Nectar; now I have Fecal Alcohol Syndrome."
by DrFunkadelicacy March 16, 2014
The state of being shit-faced.
"After too many drinks she was suffering from fecal alcohol syndrome."
by Ronman6449 August 18, 2013