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When hooking up with a girl and she will not let you have sex with her so you play around near her vajayjay with your cock but never put it inside her.
Example 1
Guy 1: So what did you do with her last night?
Guy 2: Well she wouldn't let me have sex but I featherdusted her a little.

Example 2
Girl: Don't you have a boyfriend?
Slutty Girl: Yeah but we were only featherdusting, that doesn't count as cheating!
by oliviz May 04, 2009
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When a girl flirts excessively with people. For instance in a bar setting. It usually includes but is not limited to touching, repeating questions, sitting on laps and sending random text messages. The girl is most always drunk.
"I was sitting next to him, featherdusting for sure..."
by K.C. Collins April 03, 2008

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