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Fear the force is a new term used by Michigan fans to describe the fear the big ten should have for Tate forcier. However this term is ONLY allowed to be used when talking trash to an opponent, coming off a dramatic win, or coming off a touchdown and or big play. There are people who just go around saying Fear The Force and making the slogan become useless already stop it follow the michigan wolverines guidelines when using this prestigious slogan!
Michigan Fan; Fear The Force! and Go Blue

OSU fan: Man you have to do more then fear him you have to respect and admire a man who steps in as a freshman and dominates. You have to stand amaze by the beauty of a man who commands such presence in the huddle and who turns a 3-9 team into a Big Ten contender. I mean this guy makes not just me but all buckeye fans become Wolverines fans to bask in his glory . We never had a guy with so much i feel blessed to play an opponent with a man that is the symbol of greatness when our QB is only a symbol of failure I am humbled by you Michigan and gratified you chose us as your rival we are not worthy nor may we ever be worthy to be linked with such a prestigous instiution. we beg you to show mercy to us because we may be your enemy but we Fear The Force

Michigan fan: Yeah Yeah whatever man when I say Fear The Force all that is implied now quit sucking up and Fear The Force

OSU fan: yes sir
by The Wolverine Pride September 16, 2009

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