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FEAR; (perceived risk or danger, real or not)DENIAL; (negation in logic; refusal to admit the possibility of a truth and or a reality) MONGERING; (monger=Trader; thus mongering = trading)

Contrary to urban mythological FEARMONGERING, a undefined non-existent dictionary term derived as; “One who spreads the (*idealogy) of fear through propaganda to fulfill a concealed agenda. Similar to a terrorist, but it fights with information and not direct violence. Politicians, media personas, and internet posters can all be(* fearmongers).*(Spelling)

Fear Denial Mongering comes from an ideology of denial and individualism’s obsess, seeded in urban legend and conspiracy by a punditry of anti-establishment denial that there is anything to fear at all.
As expressed in a denial of fear ideology by neophyte Senator Barack Obama, in MASON CITY, Iowa, in a justifying posture of Fear Denial Mongering on May 25, 2007.
by Fearmonger May 25, 2007
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