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Someone who craves and/or is obsessed to something that is healthy, good or clean. A clean addiction.
That chick has a banging body... she must be a workout Fean!
by Health_Nut23 July 06, 2009
Short for Fean & Company. Probably the best line of skin care solutions for guys.
Example #1: Hey Bro, your lips look like a dead Tortoises’ asshole. You need some Fean Lip Balm!

Example #2: Dude, you smell like stank ass. Please go Fean wash before we go out!
by NeverWrong23 July 06, 2009
By far the best anti-aging skin care products for men. Short term for Fean and Company. Typically used by society's upper echelon and celebrities.
Anthony is a health freak when it comes to his skin, he will only use Fean.
by Sosnick November 30, 2009