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A gregarious and magnetic man. Often hilarious, snarky and who's personality vacillates between humble and imperious.

Seen by some as a stud muffin, which basically means he is a guy that gets the ladies easily and enjoys a muffin from time to time.
A "Fazz" often enjoys salty meats, salty talk and salty women, in that order.

He can be observed in his natural environment jamming out to or creating rockin' tunes, swilling down shots, checking out the ladies and engaging in witty banter which could result in mental exasperation for those who possess a lesser degree of mental fortitude and understanding of basic humor.
A Fazzolare may enjoy and engage in such activities such as flooding Facebook with ridiculously funny parodies and photo shopped images of himself and others, taping small mirrors to the tops of his shoes (claiming they are merely adornments commonly known as "Bling") operating an Appliance store which is obviously a front for an underground sex slave dungeon and day dreaming of bikini clad hotties drizzled in Bolognese sauce and a light sprinkling of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.
Fazzolarestudmuffinrock starhumorwitty
by Kandiland July 10, 2013
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