1) A hairy monster who trims her/his eyebrows for pleasure

2) An attention-seeking creature who feeds on people's attention to regain more hair on her armpits, legs, and eyebrows

3) A Legendary Malayali mythical creature which has both a vagina and a penis. It can reproduce whith itself to produce more Fazillahs.
The Fazillah is coming! Better say your prayers to make her go away! if not, you'll turn ugly like her!
by Intuestamakori October 18, 2010
Top Definition
Muslim name with Arabic origin
It is a very charming name for girls with a deep and beautiful meaning.
Fazillah stands for a person who is virtuous,accomplished and superfluous,it also means a person who is blessed and superior in blessing.
The people with this name are often very graceful , elegant and sublime.
OMG,your baby girl is so pretty,you should name her fazillah.
by therealmeanings June 19, 2014
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