People and things that suck a gay way
Wow, even though you're not gay, you're a faygot!
by Justizzle Jacobs February 24, 2003
Top Definition
A person who loves to drink Faygo. There is a good chance they are either a juggalo or poverty-stricken (need I repeat myself).
Juggalo: "I love when I pour faygo all over a neden and get pinkeye for days."

Normal Person: "What a faygot"
by Juggahoe April 15, 2010
How the great Microsoft Sam pronounces the word faggot. Microsoft Sam is the master of pronunciation.
Eat shit faggot. This actually sounds like: Eat shit faygot.
by Nickguin October 21, 2007
The word 'faggot' spelt wrong.
You faygot! Oops, I just spelt that wrong.
by Burton Earny February 15, 2004
1)Any person or thing that in any way has a negative attribute of any kind.
2)A bundle of sticks.
3)An unpleasurable person.

NOTE: This is in no way a derogatory word for homosexual people.
Why did you do that, you are a 'faygot'.

See also:
by N8y5000 February 19, 2003
A dumbass who can't fucking spell faggot
Dumbass: HahAHAH Ur So GaY uR a FaYgOt!

Dumbfounded: Learn to spell please, then you can insult me.
by nikkiBALLS August 24, 2006
Slang term for a male homosexual person.

It is an alteration of the term "faggot", which is another slang term for a male homosexual person; in which "fag" is replaced by "fay". "Fay" is a synonym of "fairy", which is another slang term for a male homosexual person.
You are such a total faygot!
by Harlan September 04, 2005
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