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Cheap soda in many flavors, again, made popular by the very funny (whether you like them or not) rap band Insane Clown Posse. Jugallos enjoy faygo showers
Jugallo: Want some faygo homie?

Eminem: No.

Jugallo: At least we're living in peace, eh?

Eminem: wanna have sex?

Jugallo: sure.
by AGENT-ADAIR November 04, 2005
Carbonated urine that came from gay clowns.
Faygo may contain hepatitis and AIDS.
by Striker122 December 04, 2009
A cheap soda manufactured in Detroit, MI. Made popular by the "Insane Clown Posse" who rap about, having grown up in a suburb of Deroit.
Send yo' mam straight out to the sto'
Tell that bitch to bring home a Faygo.
by Heavy Fresh October 05, 2004
Cheap soda that Insane clown Posse fans spray on each others clits and nipples. It's a manifestation of these rediculous idiots latent homosexuality.
I sprayed Faygo soda on my Juggalo homies and then we started touching each others wieners.
by truth fan June 15, 2009
clown piss commonly seen drank by the worshipers of a crappy rap group called insane clown posse aka the juggalos who also commonly wear clown makeup
Juggalo: god i love faygo!
Me: emmmm.... sprite
Juggalo: DRINK FAYGO! Its the best soda ever!
Me: no u wigger
juggalo: Do it or i will put an axe through ur head

Juggalo who wakes up in the hospital: wheres my faygo!
by racistskinhead October 19, 2009
a "soda" (clown pee) that is used by the juggalos to get ready to have sexual intercoarse with each other or to mastrabate with.
My brother is a juggalo and we keep on missing a faygo when he has a friend over or when were missing a frozen hotdog...
by juggalos tick me off October 19, 2009
Combination of the words...fake, and dago. An intentional reference to the Michigan beverage company, Faygo Pop.

A fake Italian. A person who tries to fit in with the Italian crowd. Generally mimicing exaggerated stereotypes portrayed in TV and film. A Faygo may try to use sterotypical Italian-American words that no Italian born or 1st generation Italian-American would ever commonly use, such as; forgeddaboutit, pasta fazool, etc. What a whigger is to the black community, a faygo is to the Italian community. A faygo may even be partially Italian by blood, but seperated from Italian culture for generations.

A Faygo may alter their entire personality and interests, just to fit in with the Italian crowd. Examples being; wearing leather jackets, slicking their hair back, using Italian words in their regular vocabulary (commonly mispronouncing them). Faygos are generally shunned throughout strong Italian-American communities. They are considered second rate and commonly ridiculed for being pretenders.

A term sparingly used in the Detroit, MI suburbs of Macomb Twp., and Shelby Twp. A term coined by Salvatore Biondo in 2002.
Look at that faygo over there drinking his espresso and using his hands to talk. I grew up with the kid. He used to wear Abercrombie and play softball.
by TotoGol August 18, 2008
A delicious carbonated beverage that, despite its discount price, gets a bad rap due to its popularization by the Juggalo scourge.
Man, this sucks. I really like grape Faygo, but I can't even look at the stuff in the supermarket without somebody asking me if I'm 'down wif da clown'.
by Herpedsohardyouderp April 14, 2011