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Small town. Everybody in this town drinks, smokes or does some type of drugs. Most people in this town are not likable. You will find only a few people likable. Fun because there is always something to do around here, no matter what. You juss gottah find it(:
1-Heyy(: where you from?
2-hi, im from fayetteville, Oh. you?
1-Ive heard of there, bunch a druggies huh?
2-yeah basically lol.
by Weezy001 December 15, 2010
wow crazy ass town. Crazy ass people and even crazier memeories. Hometown<3 place where my heart will always stay. Everyone drinks and does drugs. Well there are straight edges but haha their not friends with me(: Things spread like a fucking wild fire. Everyone knows your bussiness. If you live here you gotta learn how to say fuck haters. My home,my heart,my life,my world<3
1-Do you live in Fayetteville, OH?
1-That is a crazy small town
by AMANDA GAYLE January 16, 2011
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