This is (usually) a girl that is super amazing at sports, that has red streaks in her hair and is ssome way or another partly german, Fayes are so awesome everyone get jealous, she has lots of her own little catchphrases like 'as you do' and 'goshus!'

she's a bit mad, not all there in the head, but other wise a great friend!
dude 1 : 'oh my god, shes such a Faye, look at that shot she just took in football! Remember that time when she was all like 'GOSHUS!'

dude 2: Oh yeah, it was totally... amazing, im so gonna start saying that now.. everyone will be so jealous..'
by Ashley McThomas March 20, 2010
She is the most PRETTIEST GIRL in the whole wide world. She has the Cutest and Prettiest smile you've ever see in life.. Very attractive, sexy body, great kisser. Is a supermodel and love's to hang-out with her friends.
Faye is such a hottie!
by Lauren lua January 09, 2014
is funny, girl with dark wavy black hair she goes to an all girls private school and loves cats she has a winning personality and loves funny cartoons! she is short and one of the best actresses and singers you will meet she is very passionate for acting and loves to get up on stage and strut her stuff ! she is always nice to her friends but if you say something to offend her its BYE BYE BIRDY to you, faye will let you go in a second, she is an independent girl who does what she wants to do
by EKAIE June 11, 2013
The common name Faye originates from the word penis. The best Faye's are usually small and have brown hair. They are the best to be around and people often want to be like a Faye they know. People often get carried away whilst with Faye and Faye gets scared and tends to go and eat chocolate to recover.
Did you see Faye oh my god,I NEED to be her
by Iholdtheanswers November 27, 2014
mean.evil.but dork,silly,goober.meaning,she is mean for some odd reasons but still she is a sweetheart,a dork,silly and goober girl that you will always see online on some sites like myspace,vampirefreaks,stickam and playing gaia online and other networking sites and prolly talking to different people (skype,ym,msn,aim and sites that's been said)being so nice but suddenly will be mean to you and make fun of you in a sweetly manner and she is fun to talk to.
( where u can find her,talk to her to know what im talking about)
oh you're being a faye lmao i mean,you're being mean xD.mean

we have a new meaning of mean,guys its faye hahaha!but hell yeah she is still a sweetheart and dork,but mean and evil for odd reasons lol
by (anonymous)damn i love faye August 15, 2009
1. A fairy, but mispelled
2. Name of a crazy professor in a French highschool who is famous for exhausting his students by taking them on fucking hikes in the mountain. Moreover, he likes giving physics lessons until 10pm when everybody is enjoying his time in a school trip. Says to everyone they have to step on others in order to be a winner but became a teacher. Gives a test every wednesday, which everyone fails. He also has a pretty bad breath, but keeps talking close to your face. Still, people seem to find him funny.
I got 1/20 at Faye's last test, that's my best mark.
by llg March 19, 2007

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