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sun glasses; can be dark or light sun glasses; stylish sun glasses.
Where my Faybos at?
The sun is bright.
by Dru-Boi July 16, 2006
Member of the rap group D4L mainly noted for his white framed shades and doing the hook on "Laffy Taffy".
Faybo is a person you idiot it doesn't mean cool!
by AlSween July 20, 2006
Short for Facebook. Used specifically in Atlanta.... On Georgia Tech's campus.
Yeah I stalked him on Faybo.

Faybo chat sucks! It deletes messages!
by rachelgt February 02, 2010
an african american male with a medium sized phallus that enjoys pornographic intercourse with obese caucasians.
" girl, that boy a faybo! he ain't gon' hit dis! "
by r-o-b-a-d-p-i-l-l-s February 13, 2006
An overly used term from D4L. It has either one of two meanings:

1. fuckin-sweet, fresh, cool, gangsta, the shit, etc..

2. refering to the style, personality, or reputation of the person saying the word.
1. Why you all up on mah faybo, biotch!?

2. Go n get loose, go n get low. Dont be shy, ho I'm faybo (OH!)

3. I got all my shit tight homie. Check my footwork. Check my chain. I'm faybo.
by Eric P. March 30, 2006
An overused term used by the rap group D4L.

Still im not sure what "faybo" means.
" Yo man, what the fuck does " faybo " mean?
by A-Deezy March 28, 2006
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