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A devilishly handsome young lad who besides his white complexion, is tall and as i have mentioned... very handsome.

It is difficult not to notice a Fawzi because he captures the attention of a whole crowd. As he did the first time I laid eyes on him.
Girl: What is everyone staring at? I cant see!
Boy: Look right over there... It's Fawzi
Girl: ...Wow
by vnat123 December 17, 2010
a Fawzi is a kid who wears formal clothes to school and parades around in them making 'artsy' films about his 16 year old conception of love. he is highly stylized and thinks cool is the reservoir dogs. his name means winner in arabic.
what are you a fawzi
by metalass December 14, 2010
A nigga who acts in childish ways, does childish things, and thinks they run shit in other people's lives especially in the lives of their past exes. Also acts like a pompous ass when in an relationship.
He such a goddamn Fawzi for starting that drama.
via giphy
by TheRealDynasty March 07, 2016
pali who has no home and gives free blowjobs
i couldnt afford a prostitute yesterday so i got a fawzi.
by fuck you bitch ass mf homo fag February 08, 2008
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