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Started as 'Fucking Awesome' then was reduced to 'fawsome' then to 'fawx'.

So, basically, it means 'Effing Awesome'.
Man, this is goddamn fawx. That guy just totally owned those
Jehova's Witnesses!! If that's not fawx, I don't know what is.
by Gaiacarra September 22, 2006
An insult used to describe a annoying homosexual man or woman who is very self absorbed.
"Have you met Tim?"
"Yeah... Such a Fawk."

"Bro, don't be such a Fawx."
by DudeitsKudo January 06, 2012
Variant on "Dawg", used in much the same context.
"Damn fawx, did you see the caboose on that one?"
by Ryan May 24, 2003