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When a man goes into a group of woman and strikes up a conversation. The man then chooses which woman is good looking and more engaged in the conversation. The man then becomes more interested in that woman and starts to ignore the other women by giving his attention and becoming more flirtatious with the woman who has caught the mans attention.

A technique developed and named after Sean Fawsitt
Boy:"Man, Look at that group of ladies. I should go Fawtiqe those ladies"

Boy #1: "Check that out man! hes fawtiqing with like 20 girls"
Boy#2: "A true legend"

Sean: "Awwww yeeeaaah Fawtiqing Yeah"

Boy#1: "Man, lets go to the club... its the best place and time for fawtiqing"
Boy#2: "Im down"
#flirting #wheeling #girls #pimpin #chick magnet
by Mclovin22454 December 25, 2010
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