Fucking Awesome
That was totally fawsome.
by someguywhojustpostedaword January 24, 2009
Top Definition
a mixture between fuckin and awesome

or fuckin awesome
dude that guy that just fucked J.lo is fawsome
by onebigcracka May 03, 2005
Fuckin awsome = fawsome
Used in situations where a fucking awsome would be too strong. Example- Fawsome pic, who took it?
by apesescape January 07, 2005
Fucking Awesome. Unbelievable
Dude that's Fawsome.
by SandVicLou June 25, 2007
When an fashionable piece of clothing is awsome.
That outfit is Fawsome!
by Hazard Queen November 20, 2008
Fucking awsome, from So. Cal Surfers cuz we're to zen to cus.
WOW! Those waves are fawsome!
by the Nad March 13, 2005
Fucking Awsome
or more appropriate
Freaking Awsome!
George: That band last night was awsome!
Heather:Yea it was!
Lisa: It was FAWSOME!
by human is emo! November 20, 2006

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