A term used by Slut A to Slut B, referring to a battle royale. Normally when Slut A beleives that Slut B has gotten pregnant by Slut A's white trash boyfriend and she would like to have a brawl in the school gymnasium. Originated in 2004 in a high school cafeteria.
"I want my Fawa, Bitch"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
Top Definition
Falling Accidently while Approached.

-When a member of the oppisite sex approaches a person, they may become so sweaty that their feet slip and they Fawa.

“Oh look at Mario he just totally embarrassed himself by pulling a Fawa. What a jackass. ”
by Nicky Nine Doors. April 08, 2009
Fart And Walk Away
Today a man pulled the biggest FAWA on me at the grocery store!
by Maethai October 23, 2010
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