(v.) to lead on endlessly towards an endless continuation of perpetual neediness, while maintaining an even more inevitable mainstay of willing buyers (pimps).
Dawg I thought she wanted my strudel, but she may just want to favre.
by aharar August 18, 2009
(verb): to go past the point of no return: to take something past its prime: to go too far: to burn out.
Me and John were joking around one night and he totally Favred it by calling my mom a hamster.

Stan: Yo dude I was fucking my chick the other night and I tried to toss it in the ol' butthole but she said I was Favring it.

Mike: You did kind of Favre it, bronamuth.
by thugnificient91203131 January 07, 2011
To say something completely out of context that wasn't really worth saying. In other words, to throw something out there should should have never came out; similar to a Brett Favre pass up the middle.
Alex: I can't believe he Favred that investment opportunity at the funeral.
Simon: Worse was when he Favred about the waitress' rack who served him breakfast this morning. Quite possibly the worst eulogy ever.
by GusChiggins February 11, 2010
(verb) Carelessness born of one's reputation having already been made. Named for the Green Bay Packer quarterback who will likely be elected to the Hall of Fame on his first ballot and who, thus, no longer seems to care in whose hands his passes land. Similar to "bushian": carelessness born of one imagining one's reputation has already been made.
As age, drink and fame took their toll on Hemingway, his later books were, at best, desperate attempts to copy his early works and, at worst, favrean attempts to play on their success.
by Stephen S. Power September 19, 2006
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