To leave the National Football Association for retirement, but then come out of retirement to play again. Big press conferences and ESPN headlines are often associated, as well as seeming sincere about it. Repeat until everyone is sick of hearing about it (including yourself).
Bro #1: I really like football.
Bro #2: Dude, did you see Favre pull a Favre?
Bro #1: NO way?!?!
by ocingmaddog August 17, 2010
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To be indecisive or unable to make up one's mind.
Tom: What kind of ice cream do you want?

Suzie: I don't know

Tom: C'mon don't Favre it!
by Chudback October 11, 2008
A modern day synonym for the term 'interception' in the National Football League. The act of throwing a forward pass that is received by the opposing team. The act or the state of being intercepted
The Quarterback throws to his receiver is picked off by the other team.... It's a Favre! It's a Favre!

Those Favres are momentum killers in the NFL.

(Brett Favre - Hall of fame NFL QB is the all-time Interception leader in the NFL with 310).
by mchesler44 January 09, 2009
To retire, and then suddenly un-retire. (Attributed to the actions of NFL quarterback, Brett Favre.)
Q: How is it that Ricky Williams is playing for Miami?

A: He pulled a Favre, again.
by Litigious-C September 07, 2008
1- Promising to retire once or more but still remaining in your current job at a different position or status.

2- A term used in football when a QB (quarterback) throws an interception to the opposing team.
1- a) Did Jake retire ? b) Nah, he stayed home for a few days, the boss reinstated him. a) Figured he'd pull a Favre.

2- a) BOOM! It was picked off, what a bad time to Favre, cost the Vikings the game.
by Steve_o1821 August 27, 2009
1.(adj) meaning cool, awesome, godly, amazing, or of superior talent
2.(v) doing something amazing, out of the ordinary, or like any of the amazing plays that Brett Favre makes
1. "That move that Paul did was so Favre."
2. "Did you see that? That guy just pulled a Favre!"
by Peter40 January 28, 2008
to text someone pics of your naughty bits
It's a bad idea to favre your boyfriend during work.
by lauraoc October 13, 2010
if u can`t make up your mind on something
i don`t know if i want black or blue. quit favre in it
by munchkin 72901 August 15, 2010

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