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Short for "favorite". Used to be a popular expression on the West Coast primarily. Now, primarily used sarcastically at certain universities on the east coast.
In a game of Mario Kart 64 (when the person in the 2nd place gets a good suprise):
"What?!?! Second Place Lightning? My Fave!"
by Scripple021 May 06, 2004
Your favorite person in the entire world. No matter how many other friends you have and other people you love this person is your favorite, by far. They make you feel better when you're sad, they make you laugh, they listen to all your shenanigans. They make you super duper happy.
I love you, but Thabie's my fave. sorry.
by ilalalalahvyou October 26, 2010
This person may have started as a friend but they have become so much more. This is your favorite person. The person you looked forward to seeing and talking to everyday. The person that can put the biggest smile on your face and can turn the cloudiest day into the brightest one. The person that stands by your side, through good and bad times. This person means so much to you and truly deserves the title of Fave.
Me: Karina always knows how to put a smile on my face!
Friend: Well of course, she is your fave, isn't she?
Me: Of course she's the fave. :)
by SwiftCeo December 30, 2014
Means "face" but was misspelt by some noobelf called SaGe and now is teh pro word of doom.



In teh fave?

In teh fave!
by Jenius February 02, 2005
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