Fauzia is a popular Arabic female name and has the following definitions: 1. Victorious 2. Successful 3. Triumphant
Women with this name are usually very powerful and successful just like the meaning of the name.
Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes is the #1 Pakistani Recipe site on the web. You can find hundreds of delicious recipes at tasteofpakistan.com/recipes owner of this site is Fauzia Hussain from Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Fauzia Wahab is a Pakistani politician in the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). She is currently a member of Pakistan's National Assembly from Sindh.

Fauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associates, an Internet marketing firm specializing in creating online awareness for books and authors.

Fauzia Amir is a beautiful Pakistani super model who has been very successful in Pakistani showbiz.
by Successful Woman February 13, 2010
Top Definition
Describes a really great friend
Thanks for being such a great friend, you are such a fauzia
by C00ln3ss December 15, 2009
The meaning of Fauzia is: successful, victorious. People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.
Fauzia is so successful, she rejects every boy that falls in love with her. She is loved by million but taken by none, because they are losers and unable to keep up with her good looks both in and out.
by student with name fauzia February 01, 2014
A confused Pakistani woman.
She doesn't even know how to print something from her computer, she's such a Fauzia!
by Mike77 July 10, 2008
n. a small "little fucker".
v. to eat ice chips
adj. small enough to fit in large bcbg bag
Boy: i made out with your friend last night.
Girl: which one?
Boy: I don't know, the one you call little fucker.
by rita April 24, 2005

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