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Someone who claims to be an Otaku, but is only interested in a minimal amount of titles, usually ones aired on Cartoon Network, and have no desire to see any other shows.
I stopped going to the anime club. I wanted to talk about Soul Eater, but everyone there was a fauxtaku.
by Kamen Rider August 27, 2008
One who tries to live the otaku lifestyle, but fail miserably. AKA weeaboo or Wapanese
High School Kid 1: Hey, look at that anime club poster!
High School Kid 2: God, I hate anime
High School Kid 1: Eh, I don't mind it - it's the fans that annoy me
High School Kid 2: Ugh, yes. The fauxtaku should all just die.
by GummiBear April 03, 2008
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