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(n) A lateral promotion that involves more work/responsibility without more pay.
I just got a fauxmotion; now I'm doing the work of 3.5 people! Yay.
by Vlad the Impaler August 30, 2005
The act or fact of being raised in position or rank, usually in title only, without compensation, recognition, or monetary gain.
While Mary got a raise, I got a fauxmotion with a better title and no pay raise.
by Bosrican May 20, 2010
Fake emotions or histrionics. The word is comprised of "faux" (French for "fake") and "emotions."

Pronounced: FOH-MOH-shuhns
"Cindi hates Brittney, but acted sooo happy when Brittney got engaged to Cindi's ex-boyfriend."

"Yeah, that Cindi is full of fauxmotions."

"Whatever. They're both whores."
by CrazyJay November 01, 2011
Fauxmotion: -noun foh-moh-shun artificial, imitation or fake advancement in rank or position. A fauxmotion can only be identified by the fauxmoted and the fauxmoter due to the illusion of a promotion by external parties, as increased workload and responsibilities are required. A fauxmotion cannot be officially legitimized by title and/or compensation.
Jane: Congratulations on your new promotion, Athena! You really deserved it.

Athena: Thank you, Jane. Unfortunately, I received a fauxmotion, as I will not be receiving an increase in pay or a higher title. It sure has increased my workload, though!
by AthenaAteAphrodite March 14, 2010
A promotion without a raise. The act of changing an employee's title without due compensation. The addition of job responsibilities because the employee "deserves a challenge."
To thank you for your good and hard work, we'd like to offer you a title change to 'King of France'. This fauxmotion will not include a raise but you do get new business cards.
by Bjork Van Patten February 03, 2005
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