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(n). The seemingly pejorative but otherwise loving display of artificial fear, distrust, animus, or hatred of homosexuals or stereotypes relating to their lifestyle. Typically employed by LGBT allies who use humor as a way of reaching out, connecting, or dealing with their tepid acceptance.

See also, Fauxmophobic (adj.); Fauxmophobe (n.)
"When you accuse me of watching 'Extra' because I 'crush on Mario Lopez,' or suggest buying me glitter for my birthday, I know you're being funny and cool...but it's still fauxmophobia."

"Sorry, bro. That last tweet was meant to be fauxmophobic, but it may have crossed the line. Clearly I don't think you're literally getting gang-raped by bears and otters."
by @J_Cyrious January 14, 2012
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