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Security guards or other fake police who believe that they actually have some power over you. Despite the fact that they only have a fucking squirt gun and a tazer instead of a magnum and a badge.
Dude 1: "I dunno if we should go over there man, that guard looks pretty big"

Dude 2: "Man, Fuck tha Fauxlice, that bitch is a badge and 2 balls short of scaring me!"
by Coombop August 31, 2008
normal, non-police drivers that drive black, tan, blue, or white impalas or crown victoria's that scare the shit out of potheads on the highway.
Shit, a cop... eat that blunt! Oh wait, no... it's just some faux-lice. Damn, you already ate it? Well, roll another...
by Blac August 04, 2006
A Police squad car that has been decommissioned and repurchased, which you see on the road and mistake it for a cop.
Also can be a car that someone intentionally made look like a police vehicle.
In the car:
Passenger says to driver "Shit watch out for that cop up there, you are going 30 over"
Driver *Slams the brakes*

Both passenger and driver realize "Shit thats not a cop thats a fauxlice car, damnit"
by cketz February 25, 2009
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