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A prop, ideally a manila folder, used to carry in and around the office to give the illusion that work is being done when there is really nothing in it.
"I'm not in the mood to file all these receipts today.. Think I'll take a stroll around the building with my fauxlder instead."
by real-diculous March 28, 2013
when a guy or girl looks older then they really are, sometimes using it to reap rewards, such as girls or the ability to purchase alcohal or cigarettes without being i.d'ed.
20 year old 15 year old - Hey can i get a pack of du Marniers and a 40 oz. of olde english please?

Cashier - Sure thing bro (passes i.d check)

making the 15 year old Fauxlder.
by Cobra (('i')) November 15, 2009
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