The way someone looks from the side of their face which might conceal the ugliness of that person.
"Why don't you date her?"
"Her? That's just her fauxfile, but she's definitely a butterface."
by checkyourpockets90 February 12, 2009
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Creating a fake profile on a website such as or for the sole purpose of amusing oneself.
You should see the fauxfile I created the other night. I was a 3-foot tall leprechaun whore coke addict who loves playing YAHTZEE.
by Dan Ambrose February 21, 2008
A fake profile created solely for the purpose of stalking others on websites such as, or, etc.
Girl 1: Are you on MySpace?
Girl 2: Not really, but my ex-boyfriend is, so I created a fauxfile so I could see my pictures and read his blogs.
by Eilasor August 31, 2005
A fake profile on Myspace or Facebook.
Arnold's fauxfile said he was Brady, a 14 year old middle-schooler from Fresno. Another had him posing as a 22 year-old sorority girl from Arizona State. He was, in fact, a 52-year-old mail room clerk from Reno.
by Spinnerpom August 04, 2008

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