A person who lives next to the tracks but never rides the train. Usually an artist in suburbia, the fauxbo spends large amounts of time in freight yards tagging trains and flattening pennies. A fauxbo lives in a warehouse, dresses like a conductor and is frequently holding an open container. The first fauxbos came from Trampa Florida and were an art collective that squatted at Rat Soap.
He ain't beat, that fauxbo.
by botti April 30, 2006
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Noun:Fauxbo (fobo)
1. a man with whom somebody has a romantic or sexual relationship that is not genuine or real.
2. fake boyfriend

1. to charm a woman with romantic or sexual tension that is neither genuine nor real.
1. "Every woman has that perfect man in their mind,for them they walk with a strut, tilt their heads with a laugh and are insationable flirts, that perfect man is her Fauxbo."

2. "Wendy was never happy with her boyfriend because he could never compare to that perfect Fauxbo in her mind."

3. "she flirted with her Fauxbo behind the counter every day when she went into the coffee shop."

4. "She spent hours shopping for a special dress because she knew she was going to see her Fauxbo at her high school reunion."

5. "Those two seem like a couple, is that her boyfriend?, No it's just her Fauxbo."
by Lucy Waters March 01, 2010
1. A fake hobo, for fashion's sake or to make statement. Someone who dresses or talks or acts like they're homeless, when in fact they're not.

2. Someone pretending to be homeless to get money.
1. Mat Devine is such a fauxbo. Look's goddamn hot though.

2. Don't give that jack your change, he's blates a fauxbo.
by LilaReed December 09, 2007
A person that pretends/poses as a hobo while begging for money on a street corner.
That faux-bo on the corner is such a scammer!
by StacyKirby January 12, 2011
a faux bo is a hobo (homeless person) who doesnt look like a hobo.
faux bo's might have certain possesions that make you wonder if they are actually hobos.
that hobo has an iPod! That has got to be a faux bo.
by Sarah (giggles) April 10, 2008
A fake bohemian. Someone who dresses in attire typical to the bohemian lifestyle; someone who purposefully assumes the appearance of being nontraditional, artsy, and/or poor, but does so for fashion or personal appearance purposes only.
Wow, that guy in the Porsche with the flannel plaid shirt, horn-rimmed glasses, torn jeans, and beaten-up converse tennis shoes is such a fauxbo.
by Nessy11 December 29, 2010
Short for faux ho-bo it is the style where it takes 5 hours and 400 dollars worth of clothes and accessories to look like you're poor and just rolled out of bed.
She washed, blow dried and straightened her hair only to throw it up in a messy ponytail, so faux-bo.
by Jordan October 07, 2004
Shortened form of "faux hobo"
A person who engages in part-time train hopping to experience the thrill of living the "underground" hobo life.

Such a person visits the underground pretending to live there.
A bunch of faux-bos were already in the boxcar, but they didn't know enough to bring sleeping bags.
by Richard Walker February 11, 2008

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