When waiting in a large crowd to meet someone for a first date, one must not seem too interested. In order to disguise one's anticipation, one fiddles with their cell phone pretending to have recieved either a text message or phone call as the other approaches; thus making the initial hello slightly less awkward and far more nonchalant.
1) While Johnny was approaching, I made a faux call so he wouldn't think I was waiting for him long.

2) "Do I look desperate? I should make a faux call."
by Katie Miller June 17, 2008
Top Definition
Pretending to be on your cell phone in order to avoid conversation or akward situations. Faux meaning fake and almost rhyming with phone makes this phrase kick ass.
OH Crap theres Johnny! I dont want to talk to him..oh look a faux call he wont bother me now.
by Kyle Sarich March 25, 2008
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