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Faux Ghetto (pronounced 'foʊ gĕt'ō)
n., pl. -tos or -toes.

1. When a person claims they're "hood" (pronouced hʊd) but was raised in middle to high class society.

2. Mainstream rap is a way of life. Gucci Mane is considered a godlike figure.

3. "T-ing" a girl with a friend is an acceptable way to lose your virginity

4. Beginning and ending each and every sentence with the word "Nigga."

5. Claim they're a "baller" but work at a local grocery store.

Ex. 1)(Insert Name Here) is faux ghetto.

Ex. 2)Brandon wears Abercrombie, listens to Gucci Mane, talks like he's from the street but lives in a $500,000 house. He's so faux ghetto"
by Ricky Rossy Is The Bossie August 15, 2008
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