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A hopeless outcast that can't fit in anywhere and nobody is willing to help, as in 'An unwanted streetwalker with a broken wing that nobody will feed.'
Rick: I kinda feel sorry for Mikey, he's sitting there all alone with his Hentai comic books
Jonathan: What! Mikey? Man, nobody cares about that creeper, that guy's hopeless, he's a faulty pigeon!
by Pigeon Control April 29, 2010

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faulty pigeon wing
A stranded pigeon who is unable to fly due to poor health or a malfunctioning wing.
Mike: dude look at that faulty pigeon on the ledge its not walking anywhere
Ricky: holy balls man you can literally walk up to it and touch it!
Mike: Wow, I'm calling animal control. Here you talk to them
Animal Control: Hello this is animal control how can we help you?
Ricky: Yes, animal control? We got a faulty pigeon on our hands, we will need your assistance immediately.
Animal Control: Thank you! We're on it!
by Faulty Pigeon Hero April 27, 2010