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Someone who got fat by eating way too much fast food and doing nothing but sitting on their fat butts.
Fatty McFat Fat stole my cheescake, then he ate my statue of Hayato Kanzaki!
by RatchetBoo April 28, 2003
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1) used to insult someone who may be fat

2) used to insult someone because you can't seem to think of a better insult than "Fatty McFat Fat"
Hey look, There's Fatty McFat Fat! Freaking Fatty!
by sowutifimuglt,ugly! January 18, 2007
Used as a disparaging term for an obese individual, or as a humorous nickname given to someone with little or no body fat.
Stop blocking traffic, Fatty McFat Fat!
by Troy February 05, 2003
a person who is extremely fat and eats and eats everything, but still thinks they are skinny and believes they can go around in tight clothes and show everything they got.
Michelle is such a fattymcfatfat that she could eat a house.
by yo she b June 21, 2006
Generally any kind of fat person but can be used to anyone who either A.annoys you B.has an eating problem where they just cant seem to put down the fork just dont like them D.they are morbidly obese but are in denial of it E.just a simple fatty
Jesus Christ matthew your such a Fatty McFatfat just put down the fork
by devilincide March 26, 2008
Noun: A person/thing that eats excessive amounts of food and may or may not be obese.
The Don's obese cat Fred is a FattyMcFatFat because he simply eats far too much.
by JP November 29, 2004
somebody who has more rolls than any sumo wrestler alive and leaves a trail of fat juice while walking down a path after eating and eating more food then one can think of. to be at this stage, one must complete 4 courses of all fast food chains for 3 months straight, tubs of miracle whip, and chocolate dipped everything.

no exercise or concentration needed.
yo, i was walking through wal-mart when this fatty mcfat fat blocked me in the aisle and i had to hold my breath and suck in to get by him... i felt like i was in a blowhole.
by fabby March 14, 2008

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