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Someone who's scared of doing something, precisely illegal stuff, like breaking rules etc.

Pronounced as - fut_2
Rixzab- hey! Aaron we're going on a school bunk, wanna join?

Aaron- No bro, you guys enjoy.

Rixzab- why so fattu bro?
by Rixzab February 09, 2014
A person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. A hindu brahmin person would be the best example of this word where as their history says how they were very fattu back in 15th and 16th century when muslim invaders use to take their women and they never reacted. They use to go to khalsa force for their help since they were too fattu. There are few fattus in hindustani force so what they do is hide behind sardar brave fighters and fight against others but they are too fattu themselves to find own their own.
Amit is such a fattu that he even crossed limits of fattuness which were first set by gaurav fattu
by Farooq Imam April 14, 2008
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