The same as a tattoo, but said tattoo has since been ruined do to excessive stretching where the tattoo is.
Sheila used to have a tattoo by her bellybutton, but ever since she got pregnant, its turned into a fattoo.
by legendofzeldaguy January 21, 2013
Top Definition
When a skinny person has a tattoo and later gains weight, so that the tattoo becomes stretched out
Johnny became overweight and now has a Fattoo on his Chest.
by BruceLeeTheDragon September 03, 2008
A tattoo on a fattie.
Why does he bother? You can hardly see that fattoo amongst all his folds.
by Peas_and_frogs April 08, 2008
A large tattoo on a larger woman, especially in a roly, fleshy area, which could be anywhere on her body. The breasts, rump, or stomach roll/love handles are prime areas for this. Can be very stimulating visually.
My girlfriend China-T got a fattoo of my profile on her priceless left boob. It took the inkman four hours and three bottles of ink.
by Jayo Blade October 17, 2005
The visable tattoos on a big girl.
Hey Mel, look at that fattoo over there.
by T-dizzle SD April 20, 2008
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