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When something should look flattering on you, but just makes you look fat. Fattering.
Used in a sentence - 'I'm not so sure about those pants... they're kind of fattering.'

Or when you're trying to give a compliment, but don't think it's deserved- 'Wow! Those pants are extremely fattering!'
by jd9d April 06, 2010
The opposite of flattering.
Can be used to avoid lying when someone asks you if they look fat if said quickly enough.
Girl: Do these pants make me look fat?
Guy: No, it is very fattering.
Girl: Thanks.
by chicky noodles May 24, 2014
A sarcastic version of the word 'flattering'.
My brother just called me a bitch. How very fattering of him.
by Hedjaninja June 22, 2007
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