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someone who has highly a highly regimented and restricted diet, like that of an anorexic, but without the aim for thinness. these diets are usually more fatty and less healthy than regular diets.
Diary of a Fatorexic
i can only eat saltines and cheez whiz, but not if the edges are broken off the saltines or the cheez whiz isn't sprayed right.
by Angelacia March 17, 2009
14 9
opposite of anorexic; People who are in reality heavy, fat, overweight etc. but see themselves as very thin or underweight, boney etc.
An exmaple of a fatorexic: a heavier person squeezing into pants 4 sizes too small and thinking they look like hot shit.
by Fatorexic 4 life! October 05, 2006
34 6
when somone is very skinny and eats way, way too much.
chris is fat-orexic. He eats fast food 7 times a week, and doesnt know the meaning of the word vegatables. he is a skinny punk and he eats like theres no tomorrow.
by sprky December 16, 2007
3 3
One who loses a significan amount of weight but maintains a plumpy stomach
Look at Gummi Bear, he lost all that weight but his stomach is so chubby, he turned into a real fatorexic..
by JDP Maryland July 10, 2008
0 10