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The most confusing day in Harlem.
Leroy: Mommy, wheres daddy???

Mother: If I knew which one was your father, I swear I would tell you...
by Sexi April 15, 2004
182 41
Mass confusion in Harlem
Anthony-Yo' Bruva, I got all dis mail stuf. Wat duz dat mean?
Jamal-Dam Cuzin', tiday mus be "I be ur daddy day"
by Jonathan December 10, 2003
97 19
The most confusing day in Harlem
Jamal: Happy Father's day! time for me to pick my daddy out of the hat again! Last year it was Lamar, my principal!
by PoopieNigga September 27, 2003
67 18
A day in memory of, and celebrating fathers.Often overlooked.
Person1:I didn't do anything for father's day.

Person2:Don't worry,nobody does.
by ...............hilo June 18, 2007
34 9
A day made up by card companies to sell more cards in June.
Boss: Right Card sales are low in June we need a new holiday to sell cards... We've already got Mother's Day so lets jump on the equality band wagon and make FATHER'S DAY!!!
echo chamber:Excellent idea sir.
by Jimmy the Pyromaniac April 11, 2009
23 10
Depending on your race/socio-economic class, its a day in June which can be a source of rejoicing or sorrow or confusion.
Special days are to celebrate what is, not what isn't! So take that stupid smile off your face you fockin' bastard! Yo mama' shouldn't have been such a bitch, otherwise she might have been able to baby-trap that sucker!
by dirTsamoan July 02, 2003
26 14
A day that blacks don't celebrate.
Its confusing because no black know who their dad is, therefore, Father's day is confusing for niggers
by wtfhappened June 18, 2010
21 18