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The final destruction of a celebrity or entertainment franchise's credibility. The term is a reference to Snoop Dogg's reality show "Father Hood", a program which effectively eliminated any shred of gangsterdom left in the D O Dubba G's image. The term is akin to "jumped the shark", referring to when late-era Happy Days had Fonzie jump a shark on his motorcycle, stretching the reality the show had previously existed in past the point of believability; the term is now used to describe any franchise that reaches such a point. Similarly, "Father Hood" is used to describe any celebrity who goes soft or batshit insane to point where enjoyment of early work even becomes difficult.

Eddie Murphy: From "Raw" to "Daddy Day Care".
Yo did you see "Are We There Yet?"
Fuck no. Did you see "Are We Done Yet?"
Yeah, they did a sequel.
Shit son, Ice Cube is straight "Father Hood" at this point.
by bayley asher January 01, 2008
1.n. a male parent. 2. one who loves, supports, guides, inspires, and encourages his children. 3. a man of strong character who teaches by example. 4. one who is patient, kind and understanding. 5. a man who is emulated, admired and very loved.
Now, he understands the true meaning of fatherhood.
by Vietrex April 06, 2016
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