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Fates Warning was founded as a heavy metal band, but after a few albums, their progressive rock tendencies started to emerge. Based in Connecticut, USA, the band's current lineup consists of Jim Matheos (Guitar), Ray Alder (Vocals) Joey Vera (Bass), and Mark Zonder (Drums).

Their first three albums are best known for lead singer John Arch's unusual vocal approach, and the lyrics deal mainly with fantasy themes. John Arch left after the third album and a new vocalist Ray Alder joined the band. Thereafter the lyrics took a more introspective turn. Their later works (post 1989) go more in a progressive rock direction.

While retaining elements of their metal heritage, Fates Warning grew increasingly complex, with much longer tracks and interesting interwoven melodic elements added after they developed a progressive edge. They merged their love of Yes and Rush, by combining elements of pure metal, classically inspired crescendos and interludes with jazz fusion like chops. Fates Warning has been largely responsible for the infusion of progressive thinking into heavy metal music, despite never attaining mainstream appeal, but a loyal following amongst prog fans.

Fates Warning now has 12 studio albums to their name, namely:
Night on Brocken (1984)
The Spectre Within (1985)
Awaken the Guardian (1986)
No Exit (1988)
Perfect Symmetry (1989)
Parallels (1991)
Inside Out (1994)
Chasing Time (compilation) (1995)
A Pleasant Shade of Gray (1997)
Still Life (live) (1998)
Disconnected (2000)
FWX (2004)
If you like Queensr├┐che, Yes, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Rush, or King Crimson, WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY FATES WARNING YET?!
by Lal October 11, 2005
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