People who can not controll there eating habbits. Some born with problems and can not exercise but many are too lazy to. The main causes of fatness is T.V, Video games and Mcdonalds. Most people that are fat have almost no stamina and are picked on in school and everyday life unless they are also freakishly tall.
" people all over the world make fun of Fat people . "
by mr.500 October 23, 2006
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A lump of mass that often contains the characteristics of a homosapien, they can often be seen in their natural form of adopted transportation, then 'rascal' scooter. Often taking up space in malls and attracting the ever searing gaze of normal people, as their bubbling mounds of rolls that would even make the mightiest of bakeries, green with envy.

They can occasionally be seen eating, eating, and eating. Be wary of their stares, their lack of breeding may result in blubbering spurts of sexual approaches. Or the lack of food may activate their primal blubbery instincts to chase down and consume pray- if their knees have not shattered after three steps first.

They can be domesticated with the use of an internet connection, a basement, and a fleshlight.

Like the common zombie, the fat person's hunger never ceases. And should be bludgeoned continuously at the head if it becomes a hungry threat.
Fat people.

Utterly hilarious in various normal situations or can make normal scenes enhanced to ridiculous amounts of comedies.

Example: Gangbangs.

Think about that.
by Princesspawsnow March 04, 2014
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When I went to Seattle I was shocked at how fat people were.
by Proud To Be Canadian January 27, 2010
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i think fat peopl should be shot at birth but until that law passes i think u should spit on them when u see them walking down the street as i do
did the air get fatter in here
by jon January 18, 2005
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