A fat person if a person who is obese. A fat person may be slightly overweight. Do not confuse a fat person with a sedentary person.

Fat person (rephrased with broad word choice)
"gluttonous unsightly figure of great mass"

Most people, especially the self-conscious collective, will view fat people in an ill and disgusted manner, though this is irrational.
Fat people are important to society, while some are hard working people who just glutton or geniuses who reward themselves by indulging, the so-called "useless" ones greatly augment the food industry.
Indeed they may appear visually displeasing , but keep in mind that when a person is fat, the person will keep eating, increasing the food industry. For those especially industrial-fodder people trying to lose weight using dietary pills(which do not work), they are supplying two industries constantly for a superb economic bonus. As for gyms, they will also ascend economic status but eventually the fat person will lose their urge to eat, driven by the incessant requests of the nagging spouse.
I'm going to congratulate that crying fat person over there holding the noose for being such a great economic boost.
by VbPeppermint. September 12, 2008
Top Definition
Like a normal person, only larger and everything they do is about 10 times funnier.
Ahahaha, did you get a load of that fat guy fall down the fire escape?
by lolol August 25, 2003
1. People who play WoW
2. People who drink diet pop and think it's healthy
3. Pregnant women
1. George Fisher
2. Fat people stock up on anything that says 'diet' on it
3. Your mother, when she was pregnant with you
by Xtreme2252 March 08, 2009
...need sex just like normal people too...

They just have to pay for it.
i feel sorry for fat people
by ssssasaasss September 27, 2007
Fat people are those guys you see on talks shows who are so fat that they can not get out of bed, but just keep eating fried chicken anyway.

Holy Crap! Those fat people can't even get out of bed, but they still ate a whole bucket of KFC! Damn they are fat asses!
by Vanamee October 05, 2006
People who are rejected in society cause their fat and stuff.
Commonly found:
1) Falling off bridges.
2) Getting pushed off bridges.
3) Breaking bridges and therefor falling into the water.
4) The Jerry Springer show
Skinny person 1: Yo dude did you see those Fat People fall into the water!
Skinny person 2: Yeah I heard there was a flood in Paris!
*Both of them laugh*
Fat guy from Paris: Latz' nowt fahny.
*Both skinny people push him into a bridge*
by NFtheAwesomeGuy April 09, 2009
People who can not controll there eating habbits. Some born with problems and can not exercise but many are too lazy to. The main causes of fatness is T.V, Video games and Mcdonalds. Most people that are fat have almost no stamina and are picked on in school and everyday life unless they are also freakishly tall.
" people all over the world make fun of Fat people . "
by mr.500 October 23, 2006
those people every1 loves making fun of in school.
and on the internet,and at work, and on the street, everywhere. its a tradition that will never die.
guy 1: dude remember when i put a moldy big mac in that fat bitch kayla's locker?

guy 2: LOLOLOLOL that was fuckin halarious! and remember when i put a pic of that fatass in the swimming locker room on 4chan and facebook? LOLOLOL now every1 knows him!

guy 1: gotta love fat people
by chainsawguy100 March 31, 2011
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