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A male that believes he is the Alpha male, that all his conquests are his decision and due to this is becoming somewhat extinct.

To get by Fat Pandas will sleep with anything, any age and any race, causing conflict between their own kind, many are becoming deformed and disease ridden due to their low level standards and hygiene.

Fat Pandas Male activities leave a lot to be desired, you can usually spot them in bushes and trees around local play areas and schools, the black around the eyes adds to camouflage when camping out.
Hey did you see Jenny got Fat Panda'd on Friday night?
by yiddo8 March 31, 2011
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Short, round, and fat looking female who sun tan brings out the abnormal amount of blond peach fuzz covering her extend belly. Like most pandas found in the wild, they are smilingly cuddly, yet rear and highly dumb. Even though their diet is high in healthy leafy greens they are still morbidly suffering from edema in the truck region.
The region in the world most likely able to sight the fat panda is in Scandinavia, Norway, Oslo, BI. Coloring is odd, dark leather skin and blond hair of the head or torso. Rejects male company in its lair. highly emotional and lacking is street smarts. likelihood of living a miserable life is high...
by horete bjørn January 09, 2011
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