A bitch who if fat. Often used to describe a over weight female even when she is nice or not a bitch.
Abbie Kaminski is a fat bitch.
by whitesoxdude August 20, 2010
A sandwich found in pizza places at the jersey shore. It is comprised of a cheese steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, ketchup and mayo. Eating a whole one is not advised.
"Hello, I would like to order one fat bitch please."
by Mudharry09 February 04, 2010
the act of screwing someone over.
1. You know that chach in accounting will fat-bitch his way to the top.
2. (past tense) You were totally fat-bitched on that one, dawg.
by NattyDread July 01, 2007
A beautiful girl of about 1'2'' that eats food day and night. When she manages to refrain from gorging her face becomes like a monster. On weekends she resides in other people's homes and eats all of the food.
"Why don't you have any food at your house?"
"The Fat Bitch ate it all!"
"At least she's beautiful"
by CatMonkeyLion March 02, 2012
ok...if u just looked this up...u got some major problems
Bitch, fat, whore, hooker, chubby, adorable, fat bitch
by K1n3t1c February 07, 2010
a well rolled fat blunt commly with a swisher or peach optimo or philly
ey homie wanna kick it wit some fat bitches
by nignap March 24, 2006
that chick sitting right next to me from my ceramics class
when the ceramics teacher explained that our chairs had to be functional and support 180 pounds, she, a five foot creature, remarked "i hardly call that functional.
by alex June 03, 2004

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