(1) As females grow older they increase in size. Their growth continues until the male of the species will no longer mate with her. At this point her transformation into a fat bitch is complete. After this the creature will spend the remaining days siting on the couch watching T.V. and spending the males money.

(2) see: rosie o'donnell ; a large hippopotomas like creature. Most noted for being "A" sexual, because of their ability to have both a penis and a vagina. Noted for spouting ultra liberal ideas that make no sense, along with insane conspiracy theorys.
That fat bitch sits on the couch all day. She let herself go. When i first wlked in i thought rosie odonell was on you couch. Lets leave her outside of an all you can eat buffet with the couch. If you are lucky she won't find her way home after she wakes up. Then you can find a new girl and go buy a new couch
by CarGuy777& March 04, 2010
Someone who is moribidly obese. Angry at the world. Hates anything that isnt edible especially children. Commonly found in the form of a teacher, principle, and all round bitcher. Is commonly mistaken as a rare breed of whale
"Ms. roberts gave me a zero on my interview because i didnt do only one little part of it."

"Oh yeah, shes a total Fat Bitch"
by Somekid_in_ms.roberts_class March 07, 2010
The last resort, after a long night of drinking she looks like a supermodel.
If fat bitches fall down in the forest, do the trees laugh?
by Eric, Royce, and Alex January 13, 2007
a girl who is fat and don't even know it!
all in the club with that little ass skirt on
by brown princess August 26, 2005
Verb, When you take food that does not belong to you, either off another persons plate or from the fridge or pantry.
Hey Dude, quit fatbitchin' my fries!

Alright, who the hell fatbitched all the Oreos?!?
by jimbo66 April 09, 2010
A Midwestern woman who is obese, often a teacher, more often a choir teacher and most often wider than the piano. This person is obsessed with cheesy potatoes and mentioned as the "one with the pretty face".
Be cautious around the cheesy potatoes, that fat bitch gots a fork!
by the middle seat on the plane August 23, 2010
A 50+ year old woman whose sole purpose in life is to ingest the food paid for by 120 sorority members under the pretense of managing a house. She is often spotted talking out of her ass while stuffing her mouth.
The Fat Bitch is here again. I guess we wont be eating for the next week.
by phanthom pooper November 23, 2010

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