The time in which fat kids begin to eat unhealthy snacks, such a ben & jerrys, meatballs, and snack packs. This usually occurs immediately after lunch and dinner, especially by fat kids nick-named "LOUIE".
"That dinner was really good. But I feel the need for a fat kid snack time. What can I eat now? Ooh! MEATBALLS!!"
by Cait Fat Kid September 24, 2007
Top Definition
the time in which a portion of food and/or drink or a light treat, esp. one eaten between regular meals takes place. Fat kid snacks include but are not limited to pop-tarts, cinnamon toast crunch and cheese-its. May be used by fat and skinny people alike.
I'm about to eat seven bowls of count chocula, it's fat kid snack time.
by kpppp April 05, 2007
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